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Kpotongo Brand Campaign
Year-long branding campaign that examined the beauty and history of texturized hair and it's importance.
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I use procreate to explore different layout, play with image and express myself.
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LV Collaborative Project
Collaborative project alongside established artist where we examined a famous brand and rebranded its look while keeping it's value.
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Posters + Prints
Collection of posters, publishings and projects that was intended for print and publishing
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Collection of images taken by me throughout the years alongside creative projects where I manipulated images that resonated with a specific concept.
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NEU Magazine
NEU Magazine is an up-and-coming magazine issue that highlights alternative style and music inspired from DC, Latin America, New York + more!


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About Lisi

My name is Lisett, a graphic designer, creative, spiritualist, creative director, writer, curator and an individualist. 

I focus on visual art + design that is compelling, educational and inspiring. I span across many mediums and styles and I enjoy to keep a sense of individuality with each project I create.

Enjoy my work and if you would like to reach out to me directly, please fill out the from at the end of this page. 

Thank You!


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Client Work

ACS Instagram post to promote how they help increase marketing for your business. 


BSU Hair Expo Instagram square

— 2023

MJM SIS Party Flyer 

— 2022

Rowe In the Right Direction Logo



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