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Kpotongo book cover is a collage of different hairstyles worn by different people who have texturized hair. 

book spread 1 displays the layout of others personal stories about their experiences with textured hair and how culture affects how they view their hair. 

This spread displays the importance of culture and hair.


These three spreads were designed and created based-off from research that I did based on three cultures; Native American, Latin/Hispanic and Black culture. Based off from my findings, I learned a lot about how hair had a major impact on people's lives and survival.




NEU Magazine is unlike all the other magazines out there. This revolutionary and trns-setting magazine focus on the fashion forward and influences of pop culture. For this issue of NEU, I shined the light on early 2000s fashion and Kimora Lee Simmons and her infamous brad; Baby Phat. 



Tracksuits, low rise jeans and assorted colors flooded a particular part of the early 200s and Y2K culture for many people and Baby Phat was on the forefront. 

When I created this magazine with the intention of highlighting Kimora Lee, it was during the time she and her daughters wanted to revitalize the brand back to the masses. 

Although I was very young during the early 200s, I wanted to learn more about the impact this brand had on fashion and trends associated with Y2K. 


Fashion has many influences. One being culture and those who show who they are and where they come from everyday. For this spread, I focused on the impact that black and Hip Hop culture had on fashion the fashion world. 

Various social movements and as stated from the article in this spread: "Fashion is not an isolated factor of clothing or accessories but connected to our lives in every aspect and among them, culture is the most significant."


Front and back cover of NEU Magazine.

Back cover solo of NEU Magazine advertising Levi's jeans.



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