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The "American Dream"


"Be creative and innovative, deliver excellence, cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit, and be committed to positive impact." 

My partner and I redesigned the Louis Vuitton logo and brand. We developed moodboards, a concept video along with a bag and shoe redesign. 

The concept that we chose was centered around afro-futurism and the perception around the "American Dream" that often excludes black americans.  The distortions and saturation that is  portrayed around the work symbolizes the saturated and glamorization of what is means to be black in America. 




"American Dream" Bag and Shoes


New Balance Trainer

By partnering with New Balance, we combined a shoe that is popularized in Washington, DC to expand our brand and message. 

American Dream Purse

Snake skin everyday purse. The concept around this bag is to market and use historical moments such as Harriet Tubman being in the 20-dollar bill. 

Snakeskin Trainer 

The use of snakeskin in our products is a direct reflection of the history in the united states during the 19th and 20th century when black babies and children were being fed to alligators and crocodiles. 



Logo Redesign Motion 






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