Lisett Designs

Flowers (Trailer)

I wanted to explore an artistic approach for this trailer and examine how I could turn something so beautiful -- like childhood and flowers -- and make it into something a lot more serious and dark. 

WAYS Project

I wanted to explore line art and create a visual piece with a song that I loved at the moment. With this project, I was able to recognize what was working and try out different outcomes 


My project Kpotongo (cup-tongue-go) explores the importance and beauty all things hair. It was my first time using a voiceover and I enjoyed being able to source and find videos that related to the project. 

Hidden Figures Title Sequence 

This was my firs time recreating a title sequence for an already existing movie and I was able ot learn a lot more about storyboarding, timing and making sure that the story is being told within a specific time frame.  

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